Our team
Andrey Panfilov
is the founder and co-owner of the company

Andrey has more than 10 years of successful experience as a line manager in banking in the field of project financing and investment project management. Is has been 4 years since he launched and started developing his company PanSpain Group attracting experienced and qualified professionals for joint management as co-owners and employees of the company.

Andrey speaks fluent English, German and Russian and has 3 diplomas of higher education – in the fields of finance, marketing and hospitality.

Andrey defines the strategic direction of business development and is responsible for the relations with key business partners and attraction of solid investment to the development projects on Costa del Sol. Andrey Panfilov personally deals with the key business transactions of the company, supervises all the dealings and the process of selection of exclusive properties for the clients.

Igor Yanovskiy
is the managing partner and co-owner of the company.

Igor is a multiple football champion of Russia who used to be a key player of the Russian National Football Team and a French Cup Winner as a part of the French football club PSG.

After finishing his football career Igor had already had the diploma of a lawyer and started a new stage of his career in one of the leading law firms in Russia “Shcheglov and Partners” as a Legal and Financial Adviser and a Head of Spanish Branch of the law bureau on Costa del Sol. Having spent more than 7 years in Marbella Igor has a great experience in conveyancing and support of transactions related to sales and purchase of property of any complexity on Costa del Sol.

Igor is fluent in Spanish, French and Russian.

As a Managing Partner of the Company during the last 2 years Igor has closed several crucial deals and transactions, helped the company establish good and stable relations with the management of several local banks, notary offices, law firms and state bodies, which lets the agency render exclusively high-level services to its clients. His unique and tried-and-true method of property management lets our clients get up to 10% per annum from their investment property.

Igor is responsible for the strategy of business development, property management, attraction of solid investment, relations with government bodies, banks and law firms and cooperation with our foreign partners.

Dmitry Panfilov

Dmitry Panfilov is the leading sales manager of PanSpain Group who has more than 3 years of good experience in sales and rentals of residential and commercial property on Costa del Sol.

Dmitry is fluent in English, Spanish, German and Russian languages.

He has 2 diplomas of higher education – in the field of management and in the industry of hospitality.

Dmitry has plenty of positive references and recommendations from our clients who are grateful for his assistance in searching, buying, conveyancing of the property. He can find a common language even with the most demanding clients. Dmitry keeps in touch with his clients 24/7 and will help you make the process of buying your property pleasant, efficient and transparent.

Rodrigo Morales

Rodrigo Morales has many years of experience in large Spanish industrial companies. He always thinks outside the box and has great communication skills.

Rodrigo is very responsible and diligent. He has higher education in the field of hospitality and speaks fluent Spanish, Catalon and English.

Rodrigo deals with the search and selection of new properties for our database and adds there new apartments, villas and commercial premises from the most reliable developers and owners on the regular basis.

Rodrigo is also responsible for the constant monitoring of the real estate market of Costa del Sol. Thanks to his professional skills he has already managed to attract a lot of new clients and broaden the database with plenty of properties of high quality.

Katerina Kravets

Katerina Kravets is in charge with the administrative work of the company, registers and keeps all the client documentation and works with the correspondence and deals with the translation of documents.

She is always in touch with the lawyers and accountants regarding the transactions and papers of the company and the clients.

Katerina coordinates the work of all the departments and employees of the company and does her work very well.

Besides, she is a responsible for the relations with state and local administrative authorities.

Katerina is fluent in Spanish, English and Russia.

She is very responsible, reliable, diligent and organized, has perfect communication skills and find a common language with everybody.

Aziza Mukhametkaliyeva

Aziza Mukhametkaliyeva is one of the owners of the company who incorporated an launched PanSpain Group agency together with Andrey Panfilov in 2014.

She has 5 years of work experience as a lawyer in large international oil and gas and water technologies companies.

Aziza has 2 diplomas of higher legal education - in the field of international public law and international private and civil law. She speaks fluent English, Spanish, Russian and Kazakh languages.

She is responsible for preparation and negotiation of contracts and agreements of the company, deals with the documentation and stakeholder management.

Aziza also participates in conveyancing of the transactions related to purchase and sales of properties and is in charge for organization of the events and meetings of the company. She also supervises the work of the partners of PanSpain Group who work on attraction of new clients from Kazakhstan.

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